Veriprox provides advanced security solutions to help businesses and homes protect their employees, customers, facilities and assets always.

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Our core belief is that the safety of goods and people is something that every citizen should be able to count on and take for granted.

Who we are


The security world is flooded with companies who consistently lack the reliability, capability, quality, and above all, the customer service you need in the rapidly growing security environment to safeguard our assets and people. The founders of Veriprox encountered many unfit companies who over-promised and under-delivered, and would often close shop even before the product warranty expires.

The Veriprox initiative - to have a security company that is reliable, offers only quality products, manages, and provides results to help business, homes and people be safe 24/7/365.

To be the global benchmark in IP based integrated security solutions, respected and admired as a leade, with the aim of making the world a safer place.

Before Veriprox embarked its journey as a digital security company, the road ahead of us was not in a straight line. We had to go through our ups and downs to comprehend how the digital world worked. It took a lot of hard work, determination, and strong passion to generate the kind of results that we anticipated. With that being said, we believe that sharing is caring and with our past experience of providing security solutions, our goal was to help other companies and homes to be safe places.

The Veriprox benefit is a comprehensive security solution. We make our entire system as seamless as possible in providing an integrated security solution, not just products.

Peace of Mind is the ultimate goal, the real objective of our work. It is what anyone who wants to live freely needs. All of us working at Veriprox, whatever our responsibility make it possible by offering the best of ourselves. We will strive to do so for the people across India, so that they can live with greater peace of mind, live better.

Our values



Everyone we work with we consider a partner. We strive to become your partner, not a vendor, because we’re at our best when we work with you, and not for you. With our synergistic approach with any of our partners, whether you’re a start-up, a small business, or a Fortune 500 company, we’ll create a mutual win-win situation.



The world of being an integrated security services requires a lot of behind the scene work that our clients don’t often get to see. For this very reason, we provide opportunities for you to learn what we’re doing through our educational programs, informative consultations, and systematic approach to customer service. You won’t find any surprises!



Veriprox is a company with a signature reference in deploying the newest of IP based security solutions to create a more secure world.This idea summarizes the work ethic and spirit we approach our clients with to offer value through security.


Lean Mentality

We value staying lean with the solutions we provide to our clients, just as much as we value our team staying lean within our company. We remove the extra unnecessary wholesale and distribution layers by offering products at factory prices, dealing with only manufacturers.

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