Veriprox protects thousands of people, places, and assets everyday; let us make your world a safer place.


Veriprox protects thousands of people, places, and assets everyday; let us make your world a safer place.


This business line is responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of IP video surveillance security systems. Our Network cameras provide a wide range of multi-megapixel IP Network cameras to meet various applications and environments. Using the best in class design and manufacturing process the cameras offer superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for IP Video surveillance.

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  • Economy Series - IP Kit Cameras & NVR’s – Milesec
  • Business Series - HD IP Cameras - Milesight
  • Specialty Series - IP Hemispheric & Fish Eye Cameras - Sentry 360
  • Storage Appliances & Hosted Solutions -SmartVue


When it comes to physical security, though, a strong offense provides a good defense, but that defense will be only as strong as its weakest link. If there are weak links, then you have unprotected perimeters, which means unprotected assets, unprotected people and, inevitably, security breaches.Veriprox’s approach of physical security is to convince potential attackers that the likely costs of attack exceed the value of making the attack (e.g., that consequences of a failed attack may well exceed the gain). The combination of layered security features establishes the presence of a security-rich deterrence system.

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  • IP based Locks and Cylinders –iLoq
  • Bluetooth Locks–Noke (FUZ)
  • RFID Card Access Controllers –Amadeus
  • Storage Appliances & Hosted Solutions -SmartVue


Veriprox’s layered security approach system begins at the outer perimeter of a facility and is built inwards to best secure the most sensitive areas. The early detection of an event facilitates a methodical response by facility guards to allow sufficient time to assess the situation, determine the validity of the event, and to formulate an effective response plan.The threat level on the access control system can also be raised, automatically locking doors that had been scheduled to be unlocked thereby limiting an intruder’s access.

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  • Guard Management System - TrackTik
  • GSM Burglar Alarm – Chuango
  • Perimeter Security – PSG
  • Barrier Gates - Elka


Motor vehicle accidents and thefts are becoming more and more common in today’s busy society. Without credible witness accounts, there is little that can be done to combat this, that was, until the recent development of small, high quality video recording devices, black boxes and trackers that can be fitted into your vehicle. Our dashboard range of cameras is exactly this. Small, discreet, easy to use and most of all, high quality. It’s like having your own witness, recording every event, there to protect you in the event of an accident.

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  • Dash Cameras - BlackVue
  • Automobile Black Box - DOD
  • Vehicle Tracking Devices - Castel
  • HSRP License Plates - Veriprox