The Perfect Way to Cheat on an Exam

Nov 11th 2014

You know the old saying, "School's out, school's out, teacher's let the fools out?" Well, this just may be the case in Paris, France. Seems a student got "summer brain" a little too early and mommy-dearest stepped in to "help."

Just as Indiaa has standardized testing, France requires students to pass the three-hour English Baccalaureat exam. Of course, French educators strongly emphasize the importance of not cheating as almost unbearable pressure and stress is put on students to pass this exam.

I guess the pressure got the most of one student, because her 52-year-old mother, dressed up in Converse shoes, low-rider jeans and painted with a lot of makeup, managed to be admitted into the exam facility instead of her 19-year-old daughter, who was supposed to take the exam.

Once inside, our mommy-dearest settled into her testing area, laid out her pens and began working on the English exam on behalf of her daughter. It was only after a test proctor glanced at the candidate ID cards that the mommy-dearest imposter was noticed.

Not wishing to disturb the other test takers, a plain-clothed police officer waited patiently outside the exam facility and arrested mommy-dearest 2 hours later, after she completed the exam.

It is unclear as to what punishments the mother-daughter duo will receive, but it could range from being fined to the daughter being barred for sitting for exams for a set period of time.

Wow, really!?Now, I know beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt that my parents would do anything in the world for me to keep me safe, secure, happy and successful, but never would they cheat for me.

How in the world was a 52-year-old mistaken for a 19-year-old?

What type of security measures should have been in place before, during and after the testing, besides the obvious proctor and police officer, to prevent this from happening?

What was this mother teaching her daughter about life?

Or, do you agree with what the mother did?

My lovely readers, I anxiously await your thoughts, comments and opinions!

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